Well Repairs Can Be Both Costly and Avoidable


In appreciation for National Ground Water Awareness Week March 6th-12th. Let's take a moment to think of all the items in our homes that are associated with our need for water in order to use them. Let's see, first thing would be in the morning our toilets get used an awful lot; along with our sinks and faucets. Then we can't forget our coffee makers and tea pots. Where would we be without our showers and bathes? Then comes our loaded dishwashers and clothes washers. We certainly have used a lot of items and we haven't even gotten to noontime.

Our tendency is to walk our and expect all of these applications to work without even thinking about it and we assume our water will be available for us to use when we need it. Right? Well what happens when the one time we do go to use our water and nothing comes out? Shear panic sets in and we are lost as to know what to do. We've always had water before without a problem. Or have we???

All too often there is an underlying cause as to why a well owner suddenly has no water. A few examples of these would be a well that goes dry or well pumps that are old and finally stop working; a part or component of the well pump system has corroded and failed; there is a break underground; and the list goes on and on.  These above mentioned repairs can range from as little as $500 to well over a few $1000 dollars depending on the situation. Fortunately with a simple yearly maintenance checkup all of these repairs can potentially be avoided and the actual cost incurred may be lowered to just a few hundred dollars. 

Ground water awareness week was created for us to stop and take a moment and appreciate what our Mother Earth provides for us and to remind us how truly valuable water is to our daily lives. Stopping and reflecting on this point allows us the opportunity to question if we have taken the proper measures to help ourselves from enduring unexpected expenses and headaches that result from neglected water well systems.